About Us

Our love for cars came at an early age. To us having a car represented freedom. Being able to go where you want, when you want, with whoever you want. It wasnt until we watched the movie Ronin (1998) that we came to understand a car as a sexy work of engineering. From then on our admiration and appreciation for a vehicles details began to grow. We saw the vehicle by the lines and contours of the body, the aesthetics of the front (i.e. grill, headlights, and bumper), the consoles instrument arrangement, down to the stitching of the seat.

What we found is that no matter the vehicle, being inside a clean ride influences your mental state. Even if its the familys minivan theres a serenity that comes with having a well maintained and conditioned vehicle.

Have you ever had that feeling of sitting in the drivers seat when you drove that vehicle off the lot, or when you had a deep cleaning done, where you had a feeling that you couldnt put finger on but it was present? Youre taken by the features of that vehicle. In that moment you felt like the planets had aligned and you were destined for greatness. Let Blitz Auto Wash & Detail provide that for you.

robert blitz auto detail
Robert Ramos


I came to appreciate car culture as a kid while witnessing the grown ups in my family and their friends driving vehicles that appeared to be an expression of themselves. There was a relative who drove a late 70s Atlantis Blue Pontiac Trans Am that I felt shared all the character as the person who owned it. I had another relative who drove a 1965 Ford F-100 Flareside truck in faded blue that was every bit of the hard-working man who drove it. In fact, thats the same truck I learned to drive in at the age of 8 (yes, eight years old). There was an 80s movie titled No Mans Land (1987) that introduced me to the Porsche’s engineering and aesthetics followed by the Audi in the movie Ronin (1998). Now those are appealing car ensembles. I guess all along I was an observant of the vehicles details. Those are the qualities I seek to enhance when doing a detail.

anthony blitz auto detail
Anthony Mata


Hi everyone, I'm Anthony. I got into car detailing at a very young age. First helping my uncles and cousins wash their vehicles, but it wasnt until I owned a vehicle that I immersed myself into the craft of detailing. I found myself enjoying the process and the gratification I felt after driving off and feeling like a new man. Much like when you get a fresh haircut, and you step out the shop feeling like a million bucks! That elation is what I still feel to this day after a detail.